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Plasan's philosophy and priority in the design of any add-on armor and blast kit is to provide the maximum protection possible for the crew and passengers. After securing that goal, Plasan engineers focus on providing a level of protection that will support the vehicles' ability to continue performing its mission to the maximum extent possible.

The Plasan Engineering Team offers a number of significant advantages over other design houses when it comes to the design, manufacture and installation of armor to the customer's vehicle. As a world leader in the design of light weight armor and "under the belly" blast protection solutions, Plasan has a wide variety of options to meet user requirements for both permanently installed armor as well as kit applications that can be added and removed by the vehicle crew in the field allowing the vehicle to be tailored to threat conditions.

The following advantages can be achieved by selecting Plasan engineering solutions for Light and Medium Tactical Wheeled Vehicles:

  • Protection levels are tailored to meet customer specified small arms threats, including artillery/mortar fragment and mine blast protection.
  • "Total System Engineering" ensures that the vehicle will continue to perform within the automotive and safety requirements set by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. When vehicle modifications are required to meet customer requirements, Plasan ensures the continued performance and safe operation of the vehicle through its own demanding in-house testing and recertification procedures.
  • Plasan engineering solutions will mix and match armor materials in a single application to achieve an optimum protection level for a minimum weight penalty. Plasan engineers do not believe that "one size fits all!"
  • More than any other manufacturer today, Plasan's armor solutions are put to the test every day in one of the world's most demanding military environments. They continue to provide dependable, rugged performance that above all else ensures the safety and survivability of the vehicles' crews.
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